• I'm trekking across the Arctic to raise money for The Children's Society. It is based in Islington and helps children at risk on the streets or in trouble with the law, young refugees and children with disabilities.

February 16, 2007

February 15, 2007

February 14, 2007

Carbon offsetting

  • The CarbonNeutral Company and Pure have calculated the carbon associated with the trek. Based on that calculation the carbon from the trek is being offset twice over. This is being done by investing in a “Futures Portfolio” with the CarbonNeutral Company, which invests in renewable energy (Gold Standard), and purchasing CO2 allowances and retiring them through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Costs and time

  • I have covered all costs of the trip to ensure that all the money donated goes to charity. The trip is during the parliamentary recess (‘half term’) to ensure it does not interfere with my elected duties.


  • Promoted by Omar Salem on behalf of Emily Thornberry, both at 65 Barnsbury Street, London, N1 1EJ.